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Deb's Garden 2006

New ARTGO photos
Kiss 103.5 Car and Bike Show #2

September 20, 2008

RT 66 Berwyn
August 6, 2008

South Holland
July 30, 2008

July 6, 2008

Shi-Town Kruze
May 31, 2008
South Holland
September 1, 2007
Route 66
July 22, 2007
Route 66
July 21, 2007
World Of Wheels
January 29, 2006
Peter's Party
January 6, 2006
Light Show on Stage
October 15,2005
Bob's 2002 Rebuild update
June 16,2005
Bob's 2002 Rebuild update
May 31,2005
Bob's 2002 Rebuild update
May 28,2005
Bob's 2002 Rebuild update
May 14 to the 22nd,2005
Bob's 2002 Rebuild update
May 1,2005
Bob's 2002 Rebuild update
April 24,2005
Bob's 2002 Rebuild update
April 17,2005
Bob's 2002 Rebuild update
April 10,2005
Bob's 2002 Rebuild update
April 9,2005
Bob's 2002 Rebuild update
April 3,2005
Light Show comes alive
April 2,2005
Bob's 2002 Rebuild update
April 1,2005

Photos by: Robert Pilsudski
Videos by: Robert Sullivan

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Light Show ,"The Car"

Over 1255 additional lights installed  

Morphic lighting system  16.7 million colors  

 Ten separate lighting systems 
Color Morphics, StreetGlow, Redline, Plasma Glow, Lunar Accents, Gear, Pilot, APC, Nekoi and Topline        

     Battery monitoring system

    120 volt electrical hook up for continuous use, with quick disconnect 

Zinc yellow Ford 2002 Mustang GT convertible

4.6 Liter with Cold air intake ;BBK under drive pulleys

Flowmaster exhaust

Stalker Body kit with Black widow hood and tonneau  cover

Double stack wing with LED

Custom paint By Basic Colors

Green halogen head lights

Sequential taillights

7 color fog lights  

    7 color dome  lights

     7 Color Wheel well lights with 9 Modes

Rear view monitor and camera with DVD player

Satin Billet interior accessories

Decals by Stickerdude

Color matched rims   
       On board self charging system
Red Laser light show on dash board  Green Laser on Tonneau Cover


Track Photos has been a part of asphalt racing from 1990 to 2003

Welcome and Enjoy!

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