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Bob's 2002 rebuild
April 1, 2005

The upper grill was installed
I had to make stainless steel brackets to hold the Morphics lights and bend them to fit
Then mounted the plastic brackets
Your looking up from behind the front bumper after the brackets and lights were mounted
The reason for the brackets is so that when someone walks up to the car from a distance they don't see the lights 
I also wanted to make the lights look like they wrap around the car 

This is under the front left side of the car

Next I'm going to start working on the front scoop grill. I wanted to be able to see the aluminum grill and wanted to keep out any rain water, in case I had to drive in the rain.  So I'll put a piece of plexi-glass in back of the grill and seal it with silicone.  Now I will still be able to put a light behind the scoop. 


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