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Bob's 2002 rebuild
April 17, 2005

This is the bottom of the rear bumper and there's really not a lot of room to mount the Morphic lights 
At first I mounted them to the bumper
I also put trailer tape on the wires to help protect them from the heat from the muffler
The lights when lite had a hard line because the lights were to far up into the bumper
The Ford emblem on the rear trunk lid 
I removed the old emblem and installed one that glows
I've decided to mount the Morphic lights the the gas tank sheild
Took of the rear wheels and cleaned and painted  the wheel wells
This is my quick release for the AC power to the car
Mounted next to the radiator 
If you look close, the power lead in the middle is for the AC power
coming in. 

You have to make sure you disconnect the battery before plugging in to AC power



Four hours of AC power with very little problems 

I may still have to move the rear Morphic lights again  because I can see the light sticks from a distance  

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