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Bob's 2002 rebuild
May 14 to 22, 2005

I'm installing two spot lights on the center console  These lights will shine on the car door handles and highlight the yellow paint that surrounds the handles
Now I'll  glue the set of wires together for a cleaner installation  

I have also installed two more on the back side of the console to shine upward and on to the tonneau cover  

See last photo this page

Working on the glove box again 
Ran the wires for the monitor that will be installed in the sun visor  
I am also installing two spot lights on each pillar of the windshield 

They will shine down on the pillar and the dash

I ran an extra power wire for a radar detector that will be installed later 
What I did next was cut the bottoms off the  hood props  so that I could put a rubber boot on each end 
Had to install new lights under the dash cause the old ones burned out
they will add 10 more lights to my count

It was a great day at the McDonalds in Olympia fields IL for the  fifth annual  car show

I took first place for my class and Best Of Show

A Big !"Thank You" goes out to Randy, the owner of the McDonalds


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