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Bob's 2002 rebuild
May 28, 2005

I'm installing a second CPU for the
 Morphics lighting system so that I can have up to 
twenty more sticks. The two are linked together 
by a data cable so that both CPUs work together.
Next I mounted two Mophic sticks to the tonneau  cover
Now I'm getting ready to install the exterior door handle lights 
I fished the cable though the door pocket
pulled the cable all the way through
and mounted the LEDs
This is the inside of the door at the bottom . 
I zip tied the  cable to the crash bar to keep it 
out of the way of the window.
Reached in through the speaker hole and 
pulled it through  
next I pulled the rubber boot off of the body side 
of the car to make it easer to fish the cable through
Then plugged the cable into the hub
Received the sun visors back with the monitor installed 

Had the tonneau  cover off so took a few photos
 with the top up
The glove box is about at its best 

Just have to find a good spot for the remotes

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