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 Lighting Stats


                                                                   Light Show
                                      Light Location and Manufacture                        
Front wheels                                 22 LEDs     Red Line
Rear Wheels                                 44 LEDs     Red Line
Front grill                                      36 LEDs    Red Line
Air vents                                       04 LEDs  Pilot
Door Handles inside                     02 LEDs     Red Line
Rear view Mirrors camera             06 LEDs     Red Line
License Plate                                 04 LEDs 
7 color License Plate                     04 LEDs      Pilot
7 color Dome lights                       04 LEDs      Pilot
 Inside trunk                                  02LEDs     Red Line
Ground effect lights    sets of 6 = 6 = 36LEDs     Gear
Ground effect lights    sets of  9 = 2 =18 LEDs     Gear
Cowl                                              03 LEDs
Window washers                            02 LEDs       Street glow
 Head lights an tail lights                  06 LEDs         Lunar Accents 
Front drivers seat revolving LED     1=20 LEDs         Synergy  Design Group
Front passenger seat revolving LED   1= 20 LEDs  Synergy  Design Group
Under front bumper revolving LED     1=20 LEDs     Synergy  Design Group
Under rear bumper revolving LED      1=20 LEDs      Synergy  Design Group
Seven color wheel well lights,30 per wheel 120 LEDs Plasma Glow
Seven color Door Handle lights 3per door= 6LEDs    Plasma Glow           
Seven color  front center grill 2 sets of 3    = 6 LEDs   Plasma Glow           
Rear brake light in wing                             1=43 LEDs
Under front Dash drivers side     2 set of 6 = 12 LEDs Tireflys
Under front Dash passenger side 2 set of 6 = 12 LEDs Tireflys
Fog lights 2 multi color LED each light  4 LEDs         Cyber White / Navigator
Mophics color lights sets of 27      25=675 LEDs      Color Morphics / Tireflys    
Windshield wipers         2 set of 5= 10LEDs              APC
windshield  trim inside       05 spot LEDs         Street glow          
Mini rocker switch                            3 LEDs              Pilot
Rocker switches center counsel        3 LEDS  
Turn signal in mirrors 3  per mirror  6  LEDs               Red Line
3  Hood Prop Rods      6 per stick   18 LEDs              Nekoi
 6  Interior Spot lights   6 LEDs                                  Streetglow
Shifter Knob Multi color                6 LEDs                 Red  Line      
Accent light  in trunk  
Multi color  6 LEDs                  Tireflys  
Left an right side 02- 40 neon                                   Streetglow       
Hood  Scoop 1-10" Neon                                           Red Line
 Front  bumper                                  01- 36 neon     Street Glow      
Lower front Bumper 1-15" lighting bar                        StreetGlow
Rear License Plate 02- 3  neon                                  Red Line   
front seat passenger01-10 neon                                  Red Line
Front Drivers seat      01-10 neon                               Red Line    
Wrap around dash string light   2 strings                        Red Line
Glow pedals  3 neon                                                    StreetGlow
Under rear bumper above each tail pipe 2 Red  Strobes    StreetGlow
 Under front Cowl 2 green strobes                               Street Glow    
Inside rear Cyclops  2 yellow strobes                           Red Line      
Under carriage  5 green strobes                                   Street Glow           
                                                                                                                                       Total LEDs 1230
                                                                                                                                       Total neon's 14
                                                                                                                                        Total strobes  11
                                                                                                                    Total lights added 1255 lights





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