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The Story Behind Lightshow

I bought my car a few years ago with help from my wife.  I was tired of driving beaters when she had called me at work and told me she had seen a yellow Mustang at one of the local car dealers and wanted to know if I would like to just go and look.  What more can a guy ask for!!  Well needless to say we both whenít there when I got home, just to look!  I had never driven a convertible and havenít had V-8 in a long time.  O-boy!!  I just had to have this car.  I didnít what to come back from the test drive.  The car was that much fun to drive.  Well after a few hours we took the car home.  This car was suppose to be my every day car so I had drove it as such.  28 miles a day. The car had fourteen thousand miles on it when I bought it.  So the two hours I spent in the car every day, all I thought about was what could I do to the car to make it like no other Mustang out there.  I just have to have something different.  I didnít want my Mustang to look like everyone elseís.  I bought the car in March of 2003 and drove it all summer and fall when I decided that I didnít want to drive the car in the winter and started to look for another car.  I finally found a convertible Mustang for $400.00 and had to have it!!  The top didnít work and the back window was gone and it was also a six cylinder.  I drove this car for the rest of the winter and then the following summer as my daily car.  The car ran great it was really fun to drive.  Than it died.  Well over the winter of 2003-04, I spent some time working on the 2002 Mustang.  I had the rims painted the same color as the car.  I had also bought and installed drilled and slotted rotors.  I had put on some glow pedals.  Boy was the wife mad.  She said that she would never drive the car with glow pedals on the car.  She just didnít like them. After the glow pedals I put on a Streetglow green neon kit on the under carriage.  The car actually looked good. I really liked it and Deb did too.  Then one day shopping at Best Buy I saw a music controller for the neon lights.  Had to have it!!  This was really cool.  It made the lights dance with the music.  I just couldnít believe how cool the car looked with these colored lights.  Then on another day on my way to work I was listening to a CD by Santana ďTurn your lights onĒ.  This was going to be the song for the car.  That summer I bought some LEDs made by Redline and tried to think of a unique way to use them.  On the cover of the package they show them in the wheel well.  Well I really didnít want to drill a hole in the wheel well flange, so I looked a little deeper and saw the dust shield behind the front caliper.  Looked good to me so I scribed a half-inch line around the shield and then made a mark one inch apart.  Drilled a hole at each cross and installed the LEDs and hooked it up to the music controller. It really looked great and I only had the front wheels done.  The very next day while I was out to get breakfast, I saw a car show setting up for the day and ask the parking attendant how do I get into the show.  The car show was only about a block away from the house.  I entered the show that day along with my wifeís car, a 1983 Mustang convertible GLX 5.0, which was just finished about a month before.  Her car is really nice.  Itís dark blue with a light blue interior and a white top.  We spent six hours in the sun that day and didnít win a trophy but there were a lot people that really liked both cars and so many that were interested in the lights in the wheels.  The following week I installed the rear wheel lights twenty-two lights in each wheel and four hours of labor for each wheel. I hooked it up to the music andĒ WOWĒ this is really cool!!  This is definitely different.  A couple of weeks later I went to Hot Imports Night to look for any ideas that I might do to my car.  I did find a few ideas and applied them to my car over the next winter.  Then a few weeks later I went to route 66 to watch the drag races and there was also a car show going on there.  While looking around I saw these decals that look like they are riveted on to the car on a silver SaleenĒ.  I just had to have them!  Well $350.00 later I had these decals.  Thursday my neighbor and I installed them.  Now the car was really starting to come together.  Then a couple of weeks later I had entered another car show. Although it was a daytime show the car still looked good.  To make a long story short the car took second place. I was really surprised.  The trophy was really big too.  It was about two and a half feet tall. After that we entered Debís car into a show downtown, Cars on the Drive, my car didnít qualify cause it was a late model car.  Debís car took second place.  Yahoo!  This was the show that I wanted her to win.  I was really happy she won a trophy.  I am so glad that we can do this together.  Anyway, we both did a few more car shows and each won a couple of more trophies. Then at the second to the last car show of the year, we were on are way to a show going trough a forest preserve when a deer ran in front of Deb and she hit the brakes.  She pointed to the right side of the road and then a little further up, she started pointing to the left side.  A baby deer on the left side is what she noticed.  She stepped on the brakes, which I had to slow down quickly so that I wouldnít hit her.  I was still about 30 feet away from her when I looked to the left at the baby deer and then I looked forward to see a full Mama deer right in front my car doing about twenty miles per hour.  I stood on the brakes and hit her, she turned completely upside down and her nose touched the left front fender right above the wheel.  Then she rolled across the street and stood up, looked at me and ran off.  Her baby followed her.  I am pretty sure that she survived the hit.  We both stopped are cars to see how bad the front end was.  I got out and saw no physical damage.  I opened the hood and saw a small crack on the front bumper where the bumper attaches to the headlight housing holders.  Later on when we had got to the show I saw that the hood was cracked and the headlight housing was also cracked. We had one more show after that and Deb won second place again.  She has a second place car and Iím starting to think of how to make the car just a little better.  I think it all boils down to putting on the original rims and tires and finishing the engine compartment.  There is nothing else to do the car the car is nearly prefect. I called the insurance company to let them know so they can send out a appraiser. The insurance company wrote an estimate for about $1900.00.  So I figured that I would buy a different hood instead of the stock hood and started to look around and sawn that the hoods were going for 4-500 dollars.  I liked the Stalker and the Black Widow hood and they were about the same price.  I decided to get the Black Widow hood and also buy a Stalker body kit for the car with the insurance money.  And there was still money left over so I had also bought the Black Widow tonnuea cover and a double stack wing with LED stoplight.  Although I had to pitch in about $600.00 more for the parts and about $4000.00 more for the body work and paint.  Iím really happy with the finished product.  Well before the parts even came I was thinking of ways to help light the car.   At first I ordered 18 sets of three LEDs in red to comply with local laws and installed them in the ground effects lights (the small scoops on bumpers and side skirt).  I used two in each scoop.  One set of three LEDs was used for the turn signal.  The other set is for the music control (the lights beat with the music) or steady on.  Which works out great because the lights serve as running lights.  I donít drive with all the lights on.  The running lights may be on and some interior lights would be on.  But, other than that, the only other lights that would be lit would be the Ford emblem on the trunk lid.  I bought this about the same time as I bought the glow pedals. But never installed it because I had to drill a hole in my trunk lid.  Well let me tell ya !  Once you get past drilling the first hole, itís easy. If you want a car like this you have to drill holes.  I must of drilled about over 150 holes in my car.  I really didnít want to drill holes in my car.  While still shopping for lights for the car, Iíve seen at Best Buy the Morphics Digital lighting system made by Tires Flys.  It has up to 16.7 million colors and has chasing lights or solid colors and a video visualizer so that you can view what the car is doing from the inside of the car on a monitor.  I donít have the video visualizer yet!!  But, I think this system is by far the ultimate in car lighting.  I bought a few 10Ē sticks at a time so that I didnít have to come up the all kinds cash at once.  We did not start the project till January 1, 2005and I was still shopping for lights.  Sometimes I would buy a set of lights and not have any plans for them, but, later I would turn them on and place them in certain areas of the car to see what they would look like.  When I found a spot that looked good I would fine a way to install it there.  Thatís how the show began. One light or one set of lights at a time.  I have decided to keep the first set of undercarriage lights on the car as another part of the show, which would accent the Morphic lights and light the inner underside of the car.  See the photos.  I can have one or the other system running or I can run both systems at one time.  I bought a yellow top Optimum battery to power the car and so far I can run all the lights for about four hours without the radio and with the radio about two hours.  I also installed an on board charging system, so at the end of a show day I just plug in the charger thatís mounted behind the battery.  There is also a way to power the car by electricity so that the car can constantly be lit.  Without any battery drain.  Iíve spent plenty of nights in the garage watching the lights dance to the music.  The car is quite incredible.  I installed the Morphics lights in such a way that they  look like the lights wrap around the car, I bent a special bracket made of stainless steel that tucks the lights up under the car far enough so that you canít see any of the light bars from a distance.  For the billet grills, I bought the grills that were made for the stock body, the upper, lower and hood grills and then cut them to fit.  Also for the hood grill I installed a piece of plexi-glass behind the grill so that water would not get into the engine compartment.  After showing the car about 5 times now, the response was just incredible.  People of all ages just loved the car.  One senior said that I did a better job then Ford.  I was really amazed at how many seniors liked the car and I actually built the car for the younger generation.  I figured there were other cars out there like mine, but then when I started to look around I was standing alone with a one of a kind car.  The middle age groups of people really like the car also. This one lady just kept saying thank you for bringing out your car for all of us to see. She must have said that about twenty times with in the 15 minutes she was there. All the younger kids just love the lights and the car itself.  I have never seen so many people take so many pictures of a car that they donít own.

Robert Pilsudski



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