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About the Photographers

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Robert and Debbie have been chasing the racing scene throughout the country spending most of their time here in the Midwest.  Robert began taking pictures in 1976 mostly of people and family portraits.  In 1990, Robert became the track photographer at Raceway Park in Blue Island, Illinois when Raceway Park's long time Grounds Keeper and former photographer, Bud Norman, offered him the opportunity to take pictures in an area he had not considered.  Robert continued to be the track photographer until the end of the 1993 racing season.

In 1994, we became the "Road Warriors" of racing photography in attending every ARTGO Racing event throughout the country.  During this time, Robert was the understudy of long time ARTGO Photographer, Bob Elman.  When Bob retired at the end of the 1994 season, Robert was announced as his replacement.  We  continued to travel for the next few years including into the NASCAR Re/Max Challenge Series.

As of 2003 we have retired from auto racing and we have moved on to showing our cars at local car shows.

Robert has a 2002 Mustang GT that is called "Light Show".  Right now, it has over 700 LED and Neon lights inside and outside various areas of the car.  Some even dance to the beat of music and are sensitive enough to even flash at sounds when the music is not playing.

An incident with a "Deer", on the way to a show,  gave him a whole new reason to completely change the look of the car.  All new, hood, bumpers, tonneau cover, ground skirts, wing, and of course "More Lights".  (The "Deer" didn't do THAT MUCH DAMAGE!)  The "Deer" was alright and you really couldn't see the damage it caused.  But the hood and headlight assembly were cracked and had to be replaced.  Heck, might as well re-do the WHOLE car!

Debbie is showing a 1983 Mustang 5.0 GLX Convertible 5 speed.  It, for the most part, is restored to original condition.  Since it was faster than Bob's, he just had to have a few extras to catch up.

Most people don't realize that the car is pretty rare.  Made in August of 1983, it has almost every option available then and appears to have been custom ordered. There were only 369 cars painted in the color "Dark Cadet Blue Metallic".  There were only 6,369 convertibles for the GT/GLX cars made that year.  Finding replacement parts have been a challenge and we are still looking for some.  It had less than 27,000 miles on it when we bought it from a local used car dealer that the owner was also a race car driver.

You can see pictures, of course, right here on our website.