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The Story Behind Lightshow

Before I release my story I think I really need to let everyone know, that I have never written any kind of story before.  But, I just had to let everyone hear the story about the car.  I know that pictures canít describe the capabilities of the car or how it reacts to sound but the publicís reaction was just incredible!  I couldn't believe it!  I really thought that there were other cars out there like mine.  Well little did I know.  The car was a big hit.  So a long time dream of mine came true.  To build a custom car that not only looked good, but, lights up as well.  Well, I think I took it to on the extreme on the lighting side but still everything looks good.  The really nice thing that I like about the car is that you can control certain sets of lights at one time, so that the car has a lot of different modes. From interior lights to running lights.  The mood changes to the beat of the music.  From a subtle glow to a shinning armor I would of never thought that the car would be so popular! . 
I would like to dedicate my talent and accomplishments to my father Edward Pilsudski for always being there for me when I needed him the most. I would also like to dedicate the car to my brother that gave me the influence to work on cars and to make something different.  I would like Thank everyone for their support.   

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 Robert Pilsudski

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