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Rockford Speedway
June 1, 1997

Rescheduled From the 6th of April
Clem Splits the field


On Lap 29 the first caution was thrown

For Steve Carlson and Tracy Shculer

Both contenders did not finish the race
Lap 74 brought out another caution involving three cars

J.R. Roahrig slides by Pierre Goulet  as he gets loose in turn one

 J.R. finished second

 Bruce Lee (72)and Joe Shear (36)
Bring out a caution on lap 77

Bruce did not finish the race

Eddie Hoffman works his way to the front
John Knaus and Joe Shear battle forthe lead  lap126
Lap 127 Joe drifts up into John
John rides the wall right just before the pit exit
He hits the other side of the exit wall and flips over onto Joe's car
Joe's right side of his car caves in
This will bring out the only Red flag of the race
The safety crew pulls John out and makes sure Joe is OK
Both Drivers were ok
Jon  Lemke Brings home a fourth place


Eddie Hoffman wins the 150 lap Spring opener
Donna Hoffman with her favorite man
Eddie and Donna Hoffman and Fred Appleton
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